• Production Line

    Hubei Safety Protective Products Co., Ltd. is a professional non-woven material / products and plastic products manufacture. The company is certified by ISO9001、ISO13485、CE quality system. Now the company occupy 52,000 square meters grounded (including 15,000 square meters of workshop) owing more than 3,000 sets of equipment and more than 2,000 workers. 50 people of R&D team. In order to better control of the quality and cost saving, we already integrate the whole supply chain from materials to finished products: we got 3 material production line can produce SMS、PP、AAMI Level 2 fabric. 5 PE production line can produce PE film and SMS PP laminate.


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    We have independent manufacturing workshops and modern production lines. The staff members of our company are all trained to take their position and are skillful at their jobs. We strictly control every step in production from raw material purchase to manufacturing. We produce our product with the techniques strictly in accordance with the requirements of the customers so as to make customer-satisfying product. We produce our products with standardized operation and we never stop improving our production technology.HUBEI SAFETY PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD factory production line 1
    In the quality inspection step, we will check to make sure the appearance and other performances of the finished product are in good condition.




    We have been providing the BRIC's government list service for the UAE government, and responsible for transporting products to public hospitals in Arabia BRIC countries, with 15-10 shipments per month.


    It is worth mentioning that our customized eye surgery kits for Hong Kong Eye Hospital have received very good responses. So far, we have been providing them with customized surgical kits for three consecutive years.


    In addition, we have been providing isolation gowns, protective clothing and gloves for medical institutions in Texas, USA. We have been cooperating with the British Infection Prevention Agency on protective mask products for 7 years.


    The African market is also our partner. Our N95 masks export 20-30HQ to the African market every year.




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  • R&D

    In the field of research and development, we are actively communicating with our customers. Improve and improve the product.


    In the past 1. 2012 years, according to the feedback from the South American market, we improved the patient's clothing of anorectal operation, which not only kept the privacy of patients in use, but also reduced the pain of patients when they were wearing away. It has been well received by the government customers.


    2. In the 2014 years, we began to develop dental protection products in the United States. A mask which is more comfortable and fogging effect is improved for dentists to perform dental surgery. It has made significant improvements in anti fog effect and lens refractive index. Dentists don't feel dizzy when they wear it for a long time. This technology has applied for national patent.


    3. In the 2016 years,We worked with Korean hospitals to develop a new type of isolation suit, which not only solves the problem of lacing behind doctors and nurses, but also avoids the risk of bacterial contamination.


    4. Now we have added a new hemodialysis test equipment for raw materials and a testing machine for the filterability and air permeability of mask raw materials. All these allow us to better serve our customers in future production.


    HUBEI SAFETY PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD factory production line 0


    HUBEI SAFETY PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD factory production line 1

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