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china latest news about Diagnostic Test Kits

Diagnostic Test Kits

[2022-12-01 17:36:23]
Our company launched various testing reagents this year, including HIV testing agents. The Red Thick Belt is like a link that connects people around the world to fight against AIDS. We will use our "heart" to participate in the work of AIDS. Read More
china latest news about Ophthalmic Surgical Pack

Ophthalmic Surgical Pack

[2021-05-03 15:37:52]
In February 2021, we participated in the bidding for eye surgery kits of Hong Kong Kowloon Eye Hospital. Today, we were told that the samples we provided passed the hospital's testing. Read More
china latest news about Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves

[2021-04-13 15:32:28]
This year,we have added a line of disposable gloves and now we can supply disposable nitrile gloves, disposable latex gloves and disposable Vinyl gloves, both medical and non-medical. Read More
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